How to spot a Change Angel …


As you may know the Change Angel comminity is specifically for those “out of the box” beings who have incarnated in this life time, to make a massive beneficial difference on the planet.

Some famous examples who come to mind include Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, Mohammed Ali, Richard Branson, MLK, Florence Nightingale, Mother Theresa, Louise Hay, Harriet Tubman, Marianne Williamson, You, Oprah, etc.

There are many more of us on the planet, and we are being awakened, and called out of hiding and solitude to join our spiritual forces so that collectively we can facilitate massive beneficial changes with more fun, speed, grace, and ease.

My intention in sending you this email is to have you review the Change Angel qualities listed below, and check if there are beings in your network of relationships who may be A Change Angel, and may be interested in connecting with our flock.