Activation Sessions Options ...


Complimentary Activation Session

I know in my heart that I am being called to help others with my gifts and abilities, However ... I am still having many recurring questions, doubts, fears, and concerns that are still unresolved.

I would love to have a complimentary session so I can have some degree of peace, clarity, direction, and confidence abut my calling.


Individual Activation Sessions

I am already clear about my calling and I know I am on purpose ... However ... I am going through some  tough challenges that appear to be preventing me from taking my "Life Game" to the "Next Level" ...

Help !!! ... I could definitely benefit from investing in some Individual Activation Sessions ...


Group Activation Sessions

I am tired of being a "Loner" in the world ... My heart has been  guiding me to find my "Angel Tribe" ... That way I can be activated to  "Teach and Grow"  with other "Higher Performing Angels" ...

A Group Activation Sessions sounds like a great growth option for me at this time ...


VIP 1 Day Activation Session

My heart has been guiding me to set aside at least  "1 Day" from my busy schedule to totally dedicate myself  to creating,  planning, executing, and completing all projects related to taking my Life's Game to the next level.

With the assistance of my Change Ange Activator, I am expecting to create the conditions for a massive Quantum Leap in my business and my Personal Mastery Performance.